Rob McAlister is a product innovations business. But we’re more than simply an ideas hothouse. We think we have great millionaire making ideas. But do you know what? I never yet met anyone who didn’t believe they too had a megabuck scheme. The difference is we have the knowledge and experience to take an idea and make it real, make it happen.

There are a number of reasons why we’re good at what we do. First of all is the background and experience of the people who work here. It’s more than just their skills. It’s their attitude and our approach. While there’s real passion and belief in our ideas and products, it’s vital to have a healthy dose of hard-nosed realism too.

We know that 9 out of 10 ideas will not stand the test of commercial viability. We know that if we’re not rejecting all but one of them we’re heading for trouble. The 3 R’s are the most important factors to developing and launching a successful new product or service… they are Research, Research, Research.