What do we do?

We develop innovative new products that are practical and that meet needs. The famous ‘Witch’ umbrella is just one of our many success stories. There’s the ‘Bike Cave’ a self-assembly bicycle storage product for the home and the ‘Anka Point’ a wall mounted security fixing bracket. Other new ideas are in the making even as you read this! Keep an eye out for the ‘PINPOD System’, a revolutionary new idea aimed at the internet shopping market. We take existing products and promote them into new markets. We take ideas add proven management experience and we make it happen!

We are a young yet established, entrepreneurial business with global capabilities. We’re not greedy. We recognise that in business it is often better to have a smaller slice of a rising cake than a large slice of a cake rapidly going stale! We’re flexible in our approach – we’ll bake cakes and slice them in many different ways.