Hi, Welcome to Rob McAlister Ltd / Rob McAlister Inc.

We are a product innovations business and we’re growing fast. A young dynamic company that has its eye firmly fixed on the future.  Success is a word we are using more and more because Rob McAlister really does make it happen.  You’re probably on this website either because you’re a manufacturer or supplier that we’ve contacted, as part of one of our projects and want to know more about who we are and what we do.  Or a distributor or retailer with whom we’re trying to reach the consumer and sell our products.  Or perhaps you’re a potential investor.

Whoever you are… welcome

This is the logo and link to our Umbrella Heaven website

Our main umbrella site for the consumer with a fully operational online secure shop.

Logo and link to our Cave Innovations outdoor products website

Our trade/wholesale website for our innovative Tidy Tent, HideyHood, HortiHood and other products.

Logo and link to our Splash Innovations wholesale umbrellas website

Our trade/wholesale website showcasing our wider range of rainy day products.

logo and link to our PINPOD parcel delivery box website

Our PINPOD parcel delivery system website.

Logo and link to our Buggy Brolly website

Buggy Brolly is a retail website featuring Buggy Brolly and many other products.