What makes us good at what we do?

We are Supply Chain and Marketing professionals with
the right mix of commercial and operational experience.
We have worked with different sizes and types of
organisations including small entrepreneurial start-ups,
medium sized family run operations and major

We have access to a vast range of proven contacts including:

  • Manufacturers in various countries throughout the world
  • A unique market research database
  • Intellectual property agents and patent attorneys
  • Independent materials specialists and designers
  • Website designers
  • E-fulfilment and 3rd party logistics providers
  • Commercial lawyers
  • Chartered accountants
  • Commercial property agents
  • Private equity investors
  • Numerous tried and trusted packaging suppliers
  • An international network of distributors and retailers

Message to retailers

If you’re a retailer you’re looking for a proven, reliable supplier of unique and innovative products. Here at Rob McAlister, the one thing we are not is just another “me too”, copy-cat middle man. We add real value. We know it’s not just the products though; it’s about your customer’s complete shopping experience.

Our organisation is totally tuned to the needs of retailers, whether you have a small boutique or one of the largest retail chains in the country. We work with mail order, on-line and bricks & mortar retailers throughout the UK, Europe, USA and across the world.

Our team is extensively cross-trained to ensure the service you enjoy is seamless. You’ll benefit from well-proven, flexible and accurate order processes which integrate into your own system. With Rob McAlister every aspect of the supply chain is already in place. If necessary you can take advantage of our next day, rapid response service. We can offer “drop-ship” direct despatch service. We can supply your central distribution centre or, if you prefer, work with you to send products directly to individual stores. We will establish your regular requirements and then work to your forecast. You can call off orders in response to in-market demand, enabling you to hold minimal stocks. We are happy to take all the risk and hold your safety stock at our warehouse and distribution centres in the UK and USA. Logistics and customer service are central to the company ethos: not something which came along afterwards.

We can tailor a merchandising and product display solution to meet your need. We can take care of every aspect of your packaging and labelling. Whether that’s bar-code labelling of your pallets or product to make handling more efficient at your distribution centre or to meet your branding or POS requirements.

We are flexible in our approach to working with you. The relationship will be set up entirely to suit you, your organisation and the way you want to operate. You won’t be expected to fit in with our way of working. We will never make you promises we can’t keep. Our team will always be honest with you. We will listen carefully and try to understand the needs of you and your customer demographic.